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Our Goal is it to offer a safe place to save all of your Gaming Servers and give you tools to share your Adresses with your friends and Community. So you dont need to be worried about viruses or malware from other Websites.

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About Android Royale

Android Royale helps you to handle Gaming Servers Adresses better and to store them safe or share them with anyone.

We are a small group of Developers who love coding and Gaming, but we and our friends had always problems with storing our Game Server Adresses, thats why we started the development of the App, because many are afraid of getting viruses from bad Websites. Thats why we offer server addresses and give people storage to save them. Our Tools will help you and your friends or Community to store and share the Gaming Server Adresses.

Our Goal

Largest Game Server Place

Our Goal is to become the biggest Game Server Community and Platform what people should use to store and Share Gaming Server Adresses. At the moment we only give storage to save the adresses and we offer tools to share the Adresses, but we are working on it to offer our own Servers and tools to make it easier for people to start their own Servers.


Exclusive Video Tutorials

Some Game Servers are harder to install and require more Experience with Server Management, thats why we offer Video tutorials on our App. Many different languages are available. We also offer a Live Chat and Email Support if the Video Tutorials doesnt help.


Powerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

Your Game Adresses will be saved on a fast Cloud Server, so you can access them anytime. We have a very low downtime and never experienced big Server problems or Bugs.

Small Size

Android Royale does only require 5mb Space for installation and works on almost any Android Version. We are also working on a IOS Version to give more people access on our Server List.

Uploading Videos

We try our best to upload regularly new Video Guides to help everyone to create their own Server or to join them on different Games. We also have a Live Chat and Email Support.

Easy Notifications

Receive Notifications when your Game Servers are offline or set maximum Player amounts on the Servers. When we upload a new Update you will receive always a Notification

Fully Responsive

Android Royale works on almost any Android Device and Version. If you experience any bugs, please send us an Email with the Error and Bug Report.


We try our best to offer always new updates to improve the App and to fix Bugs. We always add new tools to help you with managing the Server Adresses.

App Reviews

What are YouTubers saying about ModTube



Finally I can save all my Favourite Minecraft Servers and access them everywhere. It helps me because I always loose them.



I find it cool that I can share my Roblox Servers with other People and to my Subscribers thru the App. I love it.



Nice App. I always had porblems with sharing them, but now it is so easy. I hope IOS will come soon too.


We will upload news and Updates on our YouTube Channel. We will also upload the Video Guides so you can access them on your Computer too.

Download The App

Our App only works for most Android Devices at the moment, but we are working on it to make it work on IOS. If you have problems with installing the App, please send us an email so we can fi the Bugs and offer help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why only for Android?

We found new Developers who have great Skills with IOS Development and we are working hard to make it work without Bugs and Errors. We will probably finish it in the next Months and will be happy to introduce it to you.

Can I share the Server with my friends?

Yes, just click on one of your Servers and then on the Share button. We have a large amount of tools that you can use. Let us know if you have any ideas to improve our tools.

How can I get help?

Please use our Contact formular in our App or our Social Media Profiles. We try our best to solve your problems and help you to use the App.

Can I get payed for a Review?

Yes, you can send us an Email at for more information. We always want to grow our Community and App Users.